Rammer® Excellence Series Breakers are the Powerful, Durable, Cost-Effective, Undisputed Leaders in Class

Allied is your source for Rammer® Excellence Series hydraulic breakers. Designed for the hardest of jobs using advanced hydraulics and the latest technology, the Excellence Series hydraulic breakers are powerful, durable, cost-effective and the undisputed leaders in their class.

Ideal for breaking oversize boulders, slag removal, tunneling, open pit mining, secondary breaking and trenching, the Excellence Series has a hammer to fit your carrier, from compact to large with working weights as high as 15,430 lbs.

Features & Benefits
Product Literature
  • Heavy-duty housing design is reinforced for extended life and severe duty
  • Standard top-down lubrication and underwater adaptation
  • Built-in lubrication and air passages for easy installation of remote lubricators and air lines for underwater work
  • Slip-fit tool bushings are easy to replace when needed