Rammer® Performance Series hydraulic breakers combines performance, efficiency, and reliability.

The Rammer® Performance Series hydraulic breakers provide performance and power when quality counts. Performance Series breakers can be used on carriers ranging from mini to large, with working weights of 140 to 170,000 pounds and tool diameters of 1.57 to 6.50 inches.

Features & Benefits
Product Literature
  • Heavy-duty sealed housing design enclosed at bottom, suspends the internal working body inside a full-box enclosure to protect the hammer, reduce noise and minimize vibration and wear on the carrier.
  • Gas-assist design using low-pressure nitrogen improves efficiency by reducing demand on the carrier’s hydraulic system
  • Large piston
  • Large tool diameter
  • IBP (Idle Blow Protector) on medium and large models prevents idle strokes, avoiding internal stress and extending life span as well as lower owning and operating costs
  • Optional Automatic Greasing System can be mounted on the hammer housing, dispenses lubricant throughout the hammer
  • Urban-friendly
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to use and service
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Quick-change tool system
  • Constant high productivity